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The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

About MC Recovery Ministries
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      In June 1988 Pastor Charles Pretlow began to counsel struggling Christians. He was appointed counseling pastor in a 400-member Foursquare fellowship and within six months of ministry, his calendar was booked three months in advance.
      These troubled Christians were seeking help for a variety of issues and many learned about this new Holy Spirit led counseling by word of mouth. Most who came suffered from being reared in a dysfunctional family system; however, some cases were from severe abuse, parental abandonment, and childhood systematic sexual abuse, (termed as victims of Cult Family Ritualistic Abuse (CFRA). Over the years Pastor Pretlow also worked with victims of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse (SRA Victims).
      Pastor Pretlow realized that proper understanding of Scripture and being led by the Holy Spirit in facilitating God's healing power and grace was the only way to succeed.  Unfortunately, he discovered that popular quick-fix teachings embraced within the Foursquare fellowship actually slowed recovery progress, undermining healing, growth, and maturity in Christ. He soon found it counterproductive to fight against these ingrained false teachings, and thus was led to start his own fellowship.
       Through these many years of ministry, study, and his own recovery, specific principles in Scripture became obvious keys in helping wounded Christians become whole in Christ, and to have them learn to work with the Holy Spirit as their ultimate counselor.
      Now it is time to present these principles and teachings found in Scripture, to help those called to minister to God's wounded learn to boldly declare the full counsel of God and to walk in the true gifts of the Holy Spirit.