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The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

Counseling School of Ministry
Counseling School of Ministry
This ministry school is under development

The number of Christians looking for godly counsel is ever growing, and at a rate that is staggering. They seek help from their pastor, other Christians, Christian counselors, and many end  searching in frustration, resorting to secular counseling and psychiatric therapy.
      Many take prescribed medications that help reduce the symptoms; however, the side effects of most psychotic medications eventually outweigh the benefits.
      Still, many Christians inner healing that eventually prove  to be man driven, like the now popular Sozo inner healing and deliverance method. Wounded Christians seek relief through soul soaking, slain in the Spirit encounters, and other forms of carnal spiritualism trying to find relief from negative voices in their heads, sleep disturbances, lustful desires, and compulsive behaviors. 
      Few ever find true wholeness and the fullness of life that God promises in Christ. Many turn back to their old sinful lifestyles, disillusioned by the confusion and conflicts within Christianity and disappointed that God was not able to deliver and heal them of their instabilities and neurotic symptoms.
      The question we must ask, "does God have a true recovery program for wounded Christians? Yes, He does. However, God does not have enough trained counselors and mentors. You can answer the call now and become trained as counselor/facilitator in God's recovery program.
      Review MCI's Counseling School of Ministry course of instruction to give you a deeper understanding of the principles found in Scripture that facilitate true Holy Spirit led counseling and recovery. After your review, seek God for direction as to your participation in this school of ministry.

Course One
God's Recovery Program
Course one consists thirty-two hours of instruction and covers the foundational principles of God's recovery program laid out in the Scriptures, with a course objective to develope an understanding of the basics elements in true recovery and recovery meeting facilitation.
Course Two
The Full Counsel of God
Course two consists of thirty-six hours of instruction sessions, covering the requirements and challenges in bringing forth the full counsel of God, establishing and facilitating a recovery ministry, and walking in the true Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Course 2 start date to be announced

Course 1 start date to be announced

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